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Worm Gear Actuator
  "Cair" offers worm gear for manual industrial valves and also for pneumatic actuator operated valves.
High Torque Capacity & Adjustable Travel Stops.
Small in volume, light weight, reasonable design and novel pattern. It consists of a series of products, so output torque matches with all    kinds of Pneumatic devices and valves.
There are two keyway apart 90° in the inner hole of worm gear so as to be convenient for customer to choose relative position between gear operator and valve
Pull out the position pin and rotate off center device with 180° to realize pneumatic drive by positioning pin acted or to realize manual drive in the opposite way.
The gear operator is filled with special lubricant before leaving lubricant before leaving the factory. It is solid sealed with valve after installation possessing dustproof and waterproof function with protecting grade IP65.
Operater Instruction
The bottom of gear operator should be connected with valve, racket surface connected with cylinder, valve stem go through the inner hole of worm gear and the square on the end of stem matches with square hole of cylinder.

Working procedures: The cylinder drives valve stem and worm gear rotating together when pneumatic drive and worm shaft meshes with worm gear to drive valve stem rotating along with piston of cylinder moving when manual drive. When pneumatic drive, pull out the pneumatic drive by worm gear rotating following with pneumatic valve stem. Just make the worm shaft mesh to realize manual drive.
No mesh may occur when move handle toward outside by 180° and close the worm shaft, please rotate hand-wheel by an angle to move it.
Three types of bracket are available so that customers to match with different cylinder as need.
It can not be operated by pneumatic and manual drive can choose from them at the same time.
Manual Override - Clutch Type for Actuator
AMO – 0.5 150
AMO – 2.5 400
AMO – 3.5 850
AMO – 4.5 1200
AMO – 5.5 1800
Worm Type Quarter Turn Gear Box For Industrial Valve
AGB – 0.5 150
AGB – 1.5 300
AGB – 2.5 400
AGB – 3.5 850
AGB – 4.5 1200
AGB – 5.5 1800
AGB – 6.5 2500
AGB – 7.5 ON REQ.
AGB – 8.5 ON REQ.
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